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Conventional medical treatments are not always effective in relieving symptoms and healing your body. Our goal is to help patients achieve and restore health safely and naturally without using unnecessary drugs and surgeries. Continuous health problems like allergies, migraines, fatigue and digestive issues can negatively affect your personal and business life. We strive to relieve these symptoms, while also treating the underlying problems that create these symptoms.


By using Nutrition Response Testing we determine the exact nutrients you need in order to supplement your diet and bring about balanced and improved health. The analysis is done through painless and noninvasive testing of the body’s neurological reflexes and acupressure points. Moreover, we use Therapeutic Massage to create greater flexibility and range of motion between joints and muscles. These massages help to heal the body while also allieviating pain and releasing stress. Nurtition Response Testing and Therapeutic Massages work together as an incredible means to natural, preventive health. Schedule an appointment today and make the positive change that is necessary to take control of your health.

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